Rates & Packages

The rates for Package 1 & 2 apply during our regular hours of operation, Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 7:00 pm. Please note that Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday hours are available at a small additional cost, which is explained under the section “Extra Charges” at the bottom of this page.

PetNerds Visit 1

20 minute visit for $15.00

(Additional charges may apply. Please see the “Extra Charges” section below.)


  • This is the most popular package for 1 adult dog or 1 adult cat or small animal (puppies are covered under the 30 minute visit):Your dog will go for a nice relaxing walk or yard relief and play
  • Cat litter scooping or cage freshening and playing or just petting (cats, birds, reptiles, or small rodents).
  • During any visit, your cat, dog, or small animal can be fed or given treats according to your instructions.


We always make sure your pet has water before we leave.PetNerds update will be sent via text, Facebook, Twitter, or email will include pet update and photo, if your pet isn’t camera shy!

Please note: if we have extra time we always stretch out the length of our visits at no extra charge!

PetNerds Package 1 does NOT include home care due to the time constraints of this package. Also, cats will never be let out at night to roam freely – no exceptions.

PetNerds Visit 2

30 minute visit for $18.00 or 40 minute visit for $20.00

(Additional charges may apply. Please see the “Extra Charges” section below.)

The 30 & 40 minute visit is for:


  • A longer visit for 1 dog or cat, or
  • 2 animals (adult dogs, or cats), or 1 puppy


This visit includes pet care and update as listed above, PLUS it can include home care if needed:

Bring in your mail, packages, or trash cans.


  • Adjust lights
  • Plant watering within reason such as potted plants in your home or on your porch or deck.
  • Turning TV or radio on / off per instructions.


Something else you may need done not listed here? Ask us and we’ll try to accommodate you!

Important Note: This visit isn’t always available between the hours of 11:00 am – 3:30 pm Monday – Friday due to a high volume of ongoing regularly scheduled 20 minute appointments, but our schedule is always changing so please ask if you’re interested as we sometimes have cancellations that would allow us a longer visit with your pet.

PetNerds Vacation Visit

This is for adult dogs who are ok being alone through the night.

$65 per day – 4 visits for up to 2 dogs

(Three – 20 minute visits & one – 40 minute visit. Approximate visiting times: 7:00a, 12:00 noon, 5:00p, & 11:00p)

We don’t charge after hour fees for Vacation Visits and home care is included. These 4 visits could cost $75.00 per day so you’re saving $10.00 per day. Note: There is an extra $10 charge if a Vacation Visit day falls a Holiday. There is NO extra charge for Saturday & Sunday visits under this package.

  • 1-2 Dogs $65.00 for 4 visits (Call for a rate if you have more than 2 dogs.)
  • Dog walk or yard relief/play (See note below about dogs that need to be walked separately.)
  • Food & Water (according to your instructions)
  • Photos and updates sent to you via Text Message, Email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Bring in your mail, packages, or trash cans.
  • Adjust lights, blinds, and turn radio on/off per your instructions.
  • Plant watering within reason such as potted plants in your home or on your porch or deck.

We also keep an ear open for smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarms. (This happens more times then I can count while a pet owner is away! VERY often we hear the chirps of low batteries and pets can find this very disturbing. We’ll change the battery if we can reach them!)

Extra Charges

  • $5 extra for Saturday, Sunday, Holiday and/or after hours visits (prior to 7:30 am or after 7:00 pm) for PetNerds Visit 1 or 2 only.
  • $10 extra per day for a Vacation Visit day that falls on a Holiday. (This applies for the entire day – not per visit).
  • $10 extra for pets that need to be walked or cared for individually or separately from each other. Common example: one dog needs to be let out in the yard…the other dog needs to go for a walk.
  • $10 extra for “extreme” potty accidents or trash clean-ups that require more than a quick clean-up. We will call you to discuss at the time it is discovered. Small clean ups are never a problem and will be done at no extra charge.